The Girl and… the plan moves on.

I have finally got myself a blog to put this write up on and today I write one more to introduce the end of Phase 1 “The Conception” and herald the coming of Phase 2 “Planning”.

Some time has passed since my last entry was written and I have read quite a number of books and blogs of people who walk great lengths from Jungle Trails to cross countries. Barely since the failed masturbation session has my head been out of a blog or a book or some travel information and more.

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The Girl and… prostitution

“Is that not prostitution?” was the reaction from my Best Mate Fionn when I finally answered the usual “Where will you sleep?” question.

The sun was beaming down in the Café in the Park and I was secretly enjoying the thrill of my clothes. I have taken to wearing long tops and shorts. They are comfortable and cool in the heat, but it also has the effect of looking like you are wearing something incredibly short and there might not be anything on underneath.

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The Girl and… therapeutic masturbation

“Where will you sleep?” seems to be the most asked question I get asked about my plan from the few close people I have chosen to reveal it to.

Taking a slight step back the idea itself formed very quickly after I threw the letter in disgust to the floor and fell back on the bed. There was only two courses of immediate action open to me aside from screaming again. The first was to break down and have a good girlie cry into my pillow and then ring my Daddie for another one. I found I was too pissed off to even consider whinging about it so I went for option two.

I masturbated.

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The Girl and… the “Letter of the Hellish Scream”

It started with a scream… or at least that is how I remember it…

No one else in the house remembers hearing my piercing wail of frustration. Perhaps it only happened in my head. Had anyone been in the room they would have been shocked to find such an outburst in such… angelic surroundings.

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